Insurance and Rehabilitation Membership

Everybody is welcome at MOVE Moonee Valley. MOVE is committed to making sure access to insurance and rehabilitation memberships is a simple and easy process for all. MOVE works with many insurers to streamline the application and payment system for you, so once you have your insurance claim approved, you can join and start your rehabilitation activities.

Your insurance and rehabilitation membership can be used for a variety of activities such as warm water physical therapy, lap swimming, gym work and exercise physiologists. Speak to your health professional about what therapy you require. MOVE work with many insurance agencies including; the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Gallagher Bassett, GIO, EML, and Workcover, just to name a few.

Simply complete the enquiry form below to start this process, and make an Insurance Claim at MOVE Moonee Valley.

How Our Exercise Physiologists Can Help

MOVE Moonee Valley also have exercise physiologists to assist you with your recovery. Some memberships covered by WorkCover or TAC may also include approval for Exercise Physiology. With Accredited Exercise Physiologists on site we can set you up with a tailored rehabilitative program for you to use our state of the art gym or warm water therapy pool. With the combination of your membership and guidance from our health professionals, we can get you back on track and support you through your health and fitness journey.

BEGIN with MOVE Moonee Valley

Beginning Consultation- (Day 1-3)

  • Pre- Exercise Screening 
  • Goal setting
  • Program design and demonstration

Check in – (Day 14-17)

  • Review Program, modify as required 
  • Review experience at facility

Benefits consultation – (Day 30-35)

  • Member results are measured from initial appointment 
  • Set plan for following 30 days (including an additional check in if required)

For more information on our Exercise Physiology program, click here.

Step 1 - Submit your details on the digital form below to receive a quote via email

Step 2 - Complete the form using the link in the email you received to submit your request for a membership and your approval letter

Step 3 - Someone from our team will be in touch to get your membership started! We take care of all of the invoicing and following up payment to make the process easy for you

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