Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a highly stimulating and centering form of exercise that is a fantastic way to maintain overall fitness and general wellbeing. Focusing on the key elements of increased strength, flexibility and improved balance, Reformer Pilates is an all-rounder fitness session that is everything you love about Pilates, but is done using a reformer machine.  

What is Reformer Pilates 

Just like classic Pilates sessions, Reformer Pilates combines typical exercises with the use of a reformer machine.

These have been mindfully designed with a complex system of springs, pulleys, ropes, and a carriage to create a highly versatile workout experience.

During the class, movements such as lying, sitting, standing, pulling the straps and pushing the foot bar are all part of a well-rounded regime to build on typical Pilates exercises. In conjunction to this, your workout will include the use of multiple accessories such as a shoulder block, Pilates rings, small weights, and resistance bands.  As a result, key areas such as your glutes, core, back, and thighs are targeted with greater intensity.

Our sessions are run with highly trained instructors who encourage you to fulfill your fitness aspirations and goals, making it a highly rewarding session to be a part of. 

What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates: 

Reformer Pilates encompasses many benefits that improve not only your physical fitness, but also your mental wellbeing. Here are some of the most pivotal reasons why Reformer Pilates is beneficial to everyone: 

1. Full Body Workout 

The broad functionality of the reformer machine enables a workout that can target specific, individualised movements, which stimulates you for a full body workout. The subtlety of the springs in the reformer also strengthens your entire body, making it a well rounded workout for all exercisers. 

2. Builds strength and tones muscle 

This energizing form of exercise manipulates the use of the machine’s springs and levers to enforce resistance and promotes equal focus on the concentric and eccentric contractions to create long, lean and toned muscles. This thorough workout stimulates not just all big muscle groups, but also muscle mass that is typically overshadowed. 

3. Low Impact (but high intensity) 

If you have recently suffered from an injury, professionally aided Reformer Pilates classes are an ideal way to accelerate your recovery. The ingenius design of the reformer machine caters to horizontal plane exercise rather than weight bearing, which reduces the load on your body. The gentle impact, and repetitive movements which occur tones your muscle and speeds up the recovery process. 

4. Improves core and posture 

Reformer Pilates target the core of your body, while simultaneously working the peripheral postural muscles. Exercising the core region of your body is key to improving posture. 

5. Improves Mental Health 

In addition to all the fantastic physical benefits that result from the use of Reformer Pilates sessions, this variety of exercise is also highly beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing. The sessions focus on the steadiness of breath to centre mindfulness in movement, stress management and relaxation. In doing so, Reformer Pilates can reduce stress hormones such as cortisol, and increase endorphins, generating an experience designed to prioritise mental wellbeing into your workout. 

Reformer Pilates at MOVE: 

Being a Gold or Silver member at our facility will give you access to unlimited Reformer Pilates sessions with a highly qualified training coach. This will also provide you with a free gym membership with no lock in contract. 

This is a fantastic way to ensure you maintain a healthy regime whilst exercising your body and mind to reach optimal performance.  It’s a great option for those endeavouring to tone their bodies and practice mental wellness at an affordable price in a well rounded gym experience.

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Am I Able to Access a Free Trial?

Yes! You are able to access a FREE Seven Day Trial for Reformer Pilates, which is only available at Ascot Vale Leisure Centre. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

7 Day Reformer Pilates trial is NOT available at Keilor East Leisure Centre.

How Can I Access Reformer Pilates?

Here at MOVE Moonee Valley, Reformer Pilates classes are offered to members who hold a Gold or Silver membership.

Reformer Pilates is available at both Ascot Vale Leisure Centre, and Keilor East Leisure Centre.

Gold or Silver membership levels will provide you with access to both Reformer Pilates studios at both sites.

If you're already a Gold or Silver member, you can book lessons via the ActiveWorld app, or speaking to our Guest Experience Officers at Reception.

Otherwise if you are interested in becoming a member to access Reformer Pilates, SIGN UP NOW!

How can I Book Reformer Pilates Classes?

To book Reformer Pilates classes, you first need to be either a Gold or Silver member, and then you will be able to book classes via the ActiveWorld app.

Simply download the app, create your password, and begin you Reformer Journey.

For more information about using ActiveWorld, CLICK HERE.

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